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Pamlico County Primary School

Congratulations to our mini-grant winner!

We would like to congratulate Allison Ormand as the reciepient of the Pamlico County Retired School Personnel Mini Grant to combat the spread of infections at PCPS. Here is a little more information about her grant:

Project: Spread the Word, Not the Germs! 
Slogan/Motto: The more you GLOW, the more you KNOW! 
Organization/Funded by: Pamlico County Retired School Personnel (PCRSP) 
Who will it serve?: All students enrolled at Pamlico County Primary School (this will subsequently affect the surrounding schools and community)
What is it?: This project will use GloGerm products (i.e. GloGerm gel, GloGerm powder, and a black light box), along with educational materials (i.e. a PowerPoint presentation, posters, and handouts) to visually demonstrate how germs are spread and controlled. This project will promote the importance of proper hand hygiene, while making learning, and hand hygiene, fun! Ultimately, this project will positively impact our school's health, as well as our community's. 
Here is a link to learn more about GloGerm and their products:

We can't wait for it to get here to begin educating our students as well as our staff on effective hand washing techniques and to show us if we are getting all the germs off! Way to go Nurse Allison! Thank you PCRSP!