Classroom Transformations

Classroom transformations are the name of the game at Pamlico Primary School this year!
Classroom transformations are ways of keeping students excited about coming to school. It turns the classroom into a new learning environment and allows the students to interact with their lessons in new and different ways.
Earlier this year our third-grade classrooms became crime scenes and detective offices. The students were the lead detectives as they approached each new "case" with a skill set they had learned previously and were able to use them in interesting and unique ways. The students said that it was one of their best days in math!
This past week, first-grade classrooms became hospitals and doctors' offices. Our first-grade "surgeons" performed text feature surgery using non-fiction text. The signage, decorations and costumes truly transformed this activity for the students.
Thank you to all of our innovative teachers that make learning so much fun for our children.  See more photos from their days and keep up to date on upcoming events on the Pamlico County Primary School Facebook page,