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Pamlico County Primary School

Third Grade Teachers Transform Their Classrooms

Classroom transformations are ways of keeping students excited about coming to school. It turns the classroom into a new learning environment and allows the students to interact with their lessons in new and different ways.
Third-grade classrooms were transformed into crime scenes and detective's offices. Students worked in small groups to answer questions using previously taught skills in all subject areas. The day was split into three sets of activities and at the end of each set, the students would be given a riddle that led to a clue.
The first set of activities revolved around math concepts ("spy" the incorrect multiplication facts, finding the arrays and writing multiplication sentences, graphing skills, and solving the mysteries in the multiplication and division word problems). The second set of activities was all reading based with science integrated (find the text evidence to answer questions, "spy" the sight words, etc.). The final set of activities was an online activity where students had to solve a mystery about a Halloween costume.
After finding all three clues, students had to put them together to find out about their "prize". The clues were pictures of ice cubes, cream, and sandwiches (leading to a tasty reward of ice cream sandwiches). All teams had to work together and could not submit work until all members of the group were finished!
All of this was possible thanks to a grant from the Oriental Woman's Club. Thank you for continuing to support education in our community.